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Pet Fountain Ultra Quiet(2.5 L)

Pet Fountain Ultra Quiet(2.5 L)

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Revolutionize your pet's hydration with the Pet Fountain Ultra Quiet (2.5 L). This innovative fountain offers fresh, filtered water for up to 35 days, making it the perfect solution for busy pet owners. Your furry friends of all shapes and sizes will enjoy the convenience and health benefits of this design. No need to worry about constantly refilling the water, even if you're away for extended periods of time!

Made of environmentally friendly, BPA-free, and non-toxic materials, this pet fountain is also easy to clean. Its antibacterial PP resin material is finely polished and food-grade certified for safe use. Plus, it features quick-release components for easy disassembly and cleaning.
With a super silent pump, this cat & dog flower fountain creates a quiet and comfortable environment for both you and your pets. The low power consumption pump (2W) can operate for up to 10,000 hours and runs for a week without water.
-The Pet Fountain Ultra Quiet(2.5 L) offers three unique water flow settings: flower waterfall, flower bubble, and a gentle fountain.
-This innovative water circulation system increases the contact area of water and air, providing more oxygen and ensuring your pet stays healthy and vibrant.
-The fountain is also designed for easy cleaning and maintenance with replacement filters recommended every 1-2 weeks in summer and 2-4 weeks in winter, and a monthly pump cleaning.


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