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Emerald Coco



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DOGKEEPER: The ultimate freedom for your pet! Our main focus is to provide your furry companion with the opportunity to exercise and enjoy the outdoors, without being confined all day. Give them the gift of a 360-degree swivel top base for safe, free roaming! Rest easy knowing your dog is secure and protected, even if you don't own a home or have a fenced-in backyard. MADE FOR ALL SIZES AND BREEDS: No matter if you have a tiny chihuahua or a massive great Dane, DogKeeper's power-coated steel base can handle any size and strength of dog.
ANYTIME ANYWHERE: Take your furry friend to the park, beach, grilling, camping, or even just enjoying a day at home without constantly managing them with DogKeeper.
EASY TO SET UP: Simply install by securing the base into the ground with a hammer or mallet, then slide your leash into the top base and attach your preferred leash.
FITS ALMOST ANY SIZE LEASH: DogKeeper's design securely holds almost any size leash, giving you control over how much leeway your dog has!







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