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Dog Cooling Vest and Cooling Collar - Ice Vest for Dogs Medium (22" to 27" Girth)

Dog Cooling Vest and Cooling Collar - Ice Vest for Dogs Medium (22" to 27" Girth)

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  • APPROPRIATE AND EFFECTIVE COOLING: Developed with veterinarians, the vest and collar utilizes pure frozen water to pull heat from your dog at appropriate cooling locations (under neck and chest). There are no harmful chemicals or gels
  • COMFORTABLE AND ADJUSTABLE: Designed to be machine washable, with no buckles or latches to pinch your dog, and a lightweight neoprene and chew-resistant nylon. The vest and collar sets are adjustable around the neck, chest, and in between to account for different lengths. This ensures a comfortable, yet snug fit
  • KEEP YOUR DOG COOLER: Great for use during daily exercise, hot weather conditions, rigorous play or for breeds susceptible to overheating and heat stress
  • EXTENDED HEAT RELIEF: Each set of FlexiFreeze ice will continue to help your dog stay safer and more comfortable in the heat for about 30 minutes. Comes with 2 complete sets of FlexiFreeze ice. (Look for CoolerDog Replacement Ice 3 packs for additional cooling time)
  • SIZING: Medium size will fit 22”-27” girth

Product Description

Veterinarian Approved

CoolerDog Cooling Vest and Collar

The CoolerDog Cooling Vest and Collar cools dogs on the underside of their belly and neck (where veterinarians find cooling to be effective). When used appropriately the vest is safe and durable for dogs by using 100% USA water in the FlexiFreeze Ice and rip-stop nylon for materials.

Help Your Dog Be Cool & Safe

Available for all Dogs

From pugs to Great Danes, the CoolerDog cooling vest and collar are available in all sizes.

Keep Your Dog Safe in the Heat

Designed with your dog in mind, the CoolerDog vest and collar pulls heat from the neck and belly areas to keep your dog cool and safe in the heat.

Long-Lasting Cooling

The use of FlexiFreeze Ice makes a very effective, long-lasting, pure water, cooling solution for your dog that has 10x the cooling power of gel pads.

Comfort and Safety

FlexiFreeze Ice Removes Excess Heat to help keep your dog comfortable and safe in the heat.

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